SUMMARY: Sun netra-1800 with an A-CPU FRU failure

From: Lynette Pfeiffer (
Date: Wed Oct 25 2000 - 18:47:41 CDT

Thanks to David Evans <> who suggested patch 108145-10
which had already been incorporated into our kernel build. I hope your
weather is better than Melbourne's :-)

Special thanks go to unxman <> and the Sun engineer
that eventually came to the party.

Her/His/Their answer was:

        Try using cmsrepairfru instead.
        The process is as follows
        1) cmsconfig disable the fru from the menu
        2) cmsrepairfru
        3) cmsconfig enable the fru from the menu

There were also a number of other issues involved but this was the basis
of the answer we needed.

we did the following:

        - removed /reconfigure (Sun guys messing around here)
        - rebooted machine (Shouldn't have to but Sun wanted it)
          A-CPU came up disabled as before
        - ran cmsrepairfru A-CPU
        - ran cmsconfig to enable the fru

Oh so simple if you know what your doing :-(

The original question was:

> Help, we have a Sun netra-1800 with an A-CPU FRU failure.
> cmsfix reports "Too many instant OOSs" when we try to enable it.
> Sun have made changes to the box and it has been in a faulty
> state now for over a week.
> Errors reported on the console after running cmsfix and enabling A-CPU are:
> WARNING: interrupt level 4 not serviced
> WARNING: Out-of-sync on CPUset A
> has anyone come across this? The 1800 is pretty rare here in Aus so support
> is quite thin on the ground.
> We (and probably Sun Aus) could do with some help here.

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 Computer Systems Engineer |Snail : PO Box 334, Oatley, NSW, 2223, Australia
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