From: Bill Fay (
Date: Wed Oct 25 2000 - 17:26:29 CDT

thanks to all, just too many to list individually:

The favorites were Checkpoint and Gaunlet, both for user preferences but
both with favorable reviews. However, Checkpoint was the overall winner.
Users indicated to run Checkpoint 4.1 as opposed to 4.0 as it was more
efficient. The cure to my T1 problem was that I was running a 64 bit kernel
while the 32 bit is the only supported kernel. Some pointed out to load
only the "core" packages and remove a number of the remaining packages
making sure to add patches prior to loading the firewall sw. There were a
couple of appliance recommendations, but that would exceed our budget. Oh
yea, last but not least..... read the install docs!
Now all I have to do is get the boss to get off of the money to upgrade 4.0
to 4.1 with software subscription (so we don't have to go through this
upgrade problem again, and to convince him to pay the bucks for the
telephone support). Sorry for not including any real details here, but I
had asked only for opinions regarding firewall sw in general.

Thanks to all,

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