SUMMARY: Sun Cluster 2.2 & Oracle

From: Brian McGraw (
Date: Wed Oct 25 2000 - 14:46:25 CDT

Thanks to all who responded. As it turns out, the haoracle agent
requires that the Oracle connectivity files (listener.ora and
tnsnames.ora) need to be placed in a specific directory -
/var/opt/oracle. That *was* in the documentation, but I overlooked it.

(Silly me, I thought that the haoracle agent would look for the files in
the directory that Oracle actually expects them to be in. But I

After creating symbolic links for the tnsnames.ora and listener.ora
files in /var/opt/oracle, another error started occurring:

ID[SUNWcluster.ha.haoracle_fmon.4520]: igdblh01:ORRTEPRD: cannot find
the SQL*Net service for ORRTEPRD

This error was due to the ORRTEPRD entry in the tnsnames.ora file
containing the IP address of the logical host, not the logical
hostname. Changing the HOST entry to the logical hostname did the

Thanks to Mark, Syd, and Jeff for your quick responses. Maybe I'll be a
sysadmin one day after all... : )


|Brian McGraw      --      Oracle DBA|
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>Hello all - > >I have an error message that keeps showing up in the hastatus command, >for a certain node in my cluster (2 Ultra 220Rs, with 2 D1000 storage >arrays running Sun Cluster 2.2 with the Oracle High Availability >agent). It says: > >ID[SUNWcluster.ha.haoracle_fmon.4510]: igdblh01:ORRTEPRD: cannot open >tnsnames.ora file > >I've referred to the documentation's Error Messages Guide, but it wasn't >exactly helpful. It says: > > More Information: Cannot open tnsnames.ora file > Background: None > Suggested Fix: None

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