SUMMARY: DDS3 backup tape Solaris/Linux

From: Eduardo Kraemer Goes (
Date: Wed Oct 25 2000 - 06:44:52 CDT

        Hello Sun Managers,

        I've got 3 responses for my question but, unfortunately, none
completely solved my problem. The original question was:

> Hello people,
> I have a problem here, and I'd like you to help me. I've got a DDS3
> tape from a friend, with the backup of files using tar from a Solaris 2.6
> machine (possibly Sun tar, not Gnu's), using "tar cvf /dev/rmt/0cbn
> file.tar" (as you may notice, the device used had a hardware compression
> also).
> The problem is that I don't have a Solaris machine with that kind of
> tape, only AIX (with a DDS2 tape, which is of no help at all), and I can get
> a Linux machine, with the DDS3 tape. The problem is: how can I read the data
> from that tape, using a linux system and GNU tar (are the block sizes the
> same?, how can I check if there is hardware compression?...).
> If I install Solaris for x86 in the linux machine, will this help?
> Any help will be much appriciated.
> TIA;
> Kraemer

        Thanks for those who sent me with their answers: Richard C Bond,
Charles M. Atkinso, Christian Haul, and John Malick.

        The proposed solutions were:

>I think ?
>will take care of your problem.
>auto byte order etc.
>(also much faster )

        Unfortunately, I can't install star on the machine with linux, as
it isn't mine, but may be a good solution.

>You may well have an insoluble problem, Eduardo
>This is the classic reason for not using hardware compression when
>doing backups.

        I don't know if this is correct, but it put a sad end on my search.

>Tell your friend to tar you the tape not using compression or write to a 120
>meter tape. 120 meter tapes were meant for DDS 2 and thus their DDS3 should
>write it in the proper format for you to read.

        This would be the best solution, but as we are in different cities,
and the one who originated the tape is a very busy person, this is a
difficult solution, but may be used in the next time we exchange files.

>Over here Solaris defaults to variable block sizes. Try to enforce
>that on AIX and then you should be OK (linux: mt setblk 0)

        This could solve the problem, but I didn't have time to test yet.

        Thanks you all who took the time to analyse the problem.

        See ya;

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