SUMMARY: How to Install man pages

Date: Wed Oct 25 2000 - 00:50:24 CDT

I would like to Thank

Frank Mundinger,
Andres Van,
Rodney Wines,
Andy Lee,
Haydee Y Ching,
John C Julian,
James Ford,
Bruce R.Zimmer,
Igor Schein,
Ken Robson,
Changa Anderson,
Arthur W Word Jr,
Ram Rudra &
PM Soni.

I apologies if I missed any name/s.

I used catman -M /usr/local/man

My Original post

> Sorry I was not clear in my first mail...
> If I give
> man -M /usr/local/man sudo
> it works but I want to make man sudo run. Even after setting
> MANPATH=/usr/local/man in my .profile I am not able to get the desired
> output.
> Regards
> Vinay Thakral
> My Original post..
> Hi Managers,
> I have just installed gzip and sudo on my solaris 7 machines, I was
> wondering if someone can tell me how to install man pages for gzip and
> I can see they are installed in /usr/local/man but how to link them to
> system manual pages..
> Thanks in advance..
> Regards
> Vinay Thakral

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