SUMMARY: How can I increase the max file size for Solaris 2.6?

From: Brett Sondrup (
Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 11:15:33 CDT

Thanks to all who replied.

...Original question is at the bottom...

"man ulimit" was helpful, but I needed to set the value universally as there
is only one account really doing much of anything on this machine.

Thanks to Vern Walls for the answer:

"Edit the file "/etc/default/login" and make sure you have the line:


This sets the ulimit parameter to "unlimited". If you want to set your own
value, remember the units of the number you provide is the number of
512-byte blocks."

Our ULIMIT=0 was remarked out: #ULIMIT=0 Additionally, I can limit
individual accounts by editing the default shell's resource file: .cshrc,
.profile, etc. (man ulimit for the different shell's requirements).

Brett Sondrup

This is the bottom.

I have several systems that were upgraded prior to my arrival on the scene
from Solaris 2.5 to 2.6. One of the things that changed from Solaris 2.5 to
2.6 was 2.6's support of "largefiles" or files over 2GB (up to 1TB in fact).
I have an application that I have been adding new library configurations for
as the indexing of our full text content keeps bumping its head into the max
filesize that up until today I'd understood to be a shortcoming of the
application. I'm now being told that this app's limitations are OS
specific. Which suggests to me that I shouldn't be needing to create new
libraries. However, when I 'ulimit -a' the 'data(kbytes)' is 2097148 and
not "unlimited". As root, I can increase this with 'ulimit -H (or -S) -d
unlimited'. However, if I start another shell, the original 2GB value is

If I can't apply the 1TB max filesize for 2.6 globally and have it stick,
how can I increase the data size so that a process that runs under a
standard account can work with a file over the 2GB limit and have that value
stick? Why wouldn't the new OS limits have been applied when the old OS was
upgraded? Am I betraying a frightening lack of comprehension regarding this

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