[SUMMARY] leo zx24 frame buffer + Solaris 8 + Sparc 10

From: Jerry Kemp - sun mail (sun@sun.twlight.net)
Date: Tue Oct 24 2000 - 07:30:28 CDT


I want to say thanks to Thomas Anders and Toby Rider for their
replys. Also, I only received 3 bad email address/vacation messages
so this situation has definately improved since my last post.

But, back on topic. Toby Rider cut straight to the chase and
effectively said, "Just put the 2.6 cdrom in your drive and
install the packages that you need from there". This was the
winning answer.

Listed here are the specifics. I placed my 5/98 release of
Sparc Solaris in the drive then cd'ed to the package directory
on slice 0. A pkgadd -d .
came up with 474 packages. Shown below are the packages required
for the Leo frame buffer to become operational. Order is important
as some packages rely on other packages being present.

PKG# pkgname
432 SUNWxglrt
268 SUNWleo
270 SUNWleoo
272 SUNWleow
271 SUNWleor

After these packages were installed, I did a re-configure boot
and everything is working well.

The other thing that I mentioned in my original email message
was my difficulity determining major and minor device numbers
for the leo ZX frame buffer. I looked at it after the install
and its major & minor numbers are 66,0. Although I have quite
a few Solaris/Sun books none do a good job of explaining these
numbers. If anyone has a favorite book or URL that they could
point me to so I could increase my depth of knowledge in this
area please email me offline.

Thanks again,

Jerry Kemp

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