SUMMARY: Cofiguration of semaphores

From: Juan Carlos Botero (
Date: Mon Oct 23 2000 - 11:33:27 CDT

Thanks to all the people who responded. Here is a summary of what the
parapeters are in the /etc/system file and how to configure the values.

UNIX Environment Summary
Tabl e 2-1 summarizes the requirements for installing the Oracle8i Server.
If your
system fails to satisfy any listed requirement, perform the tasks listed on
page 2-3 as
necessary to set up your environment to meet these requirements.
Table 2-1 UNIX Environment Summary
Environmental Factor Requirement for Oracle8 i
UNIX Kernel Parameters:
Shared Memory SHMMAX 0.5 *(physical memory present in machine)
This setting does not affect how much shared
memory is needed or used by Oracle8i or the
operating system. It is used only to indicate the
maximum allowable size. This setting also does
not impact operating system kernel resources.
Semaphores SEMMNI 100
SEMMSL Set to 10 plus the largest init sid.ora
PROCESSES parameter of an Oracle database
on the system.
The PROCESSES parameter can be found in
each init sid.ora file, located in the
ORACLE_HOME/dbs directory. The default
value of PROCESSES for the Release 8.1.5
prebuilt database is 50.
SEMMNS Set to the sum of the PROCESSES parameter for
each Oracle database except the largest one, plus
2 times the largest PROCESSES value, plus 10
times the number of Oracle databases. See
"Configure the UNIX Kernel for Oracle8i" on
page 2-4 for an example of this formula.
SEMVMX 32767
Note: If any of the kernel parameters above are less than your current
values, continue to
use the current value. These are the requirements for Oracle8i only. If you
have other
programs which use shared memory and semaphores, you will need to adjust the
accordingly. Take into account that a system reboot is necessary for kernel
changes to take
affect when planning for current and future database requirements.

Juan Carlos Botero
QoS Labs
Boca Raton, Florida

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