SUMMARY: Older Sun Hardware

From: Geoffrey Press (
Date: Sun Oct 22 2000 - 23:55:59 CDT

Thanks for the info everyone who replied, it cleared that up for me (the
customer won't be happy, but that is the way it goes)
Comments from those who replied are below, they sort of sound about what I
expected, so it must be true :-)

Chris O'Neal
SparcStation 1 was something like 1988 to 1990?
LX was something like 1989 to 1992?
5 was maybe 1996 to 1998?

Reggie Stuart
The sparc1 goes back to 1984, when Sun opened up shop. LX is pre 1990, and
the 5 showed up around 1992/3.

Matthew Fansher
The sparc 1 should have a manufacture date on the underside. Mine says
November 1989. I have an LX with a copyright date
on the underside of 1992... Please summarize.

Terje J Hanssen
> SparcStation 1 (1989, I still use it as a useable X terminal)
> Sparc Station 5 (ca. 1995, I use a microsparc II/110 based server)
> Sparc LX (I would guess ca.1993)

Well, I'm sure you'll get the right release year for the two latter.
I think I also have the papers who tell this, but not just at hand.

Thanks for your help!
Geoffrey Press
> -----Original Message-----
> Hi everyone,
> Just trying to sort out stuff for one of our customers. I need to know the
> year of release and last year of manufacture of the following...
> SparcStation 1
> Sparc Station 5
> Sparc LX
> I looked on the internet, but only could find hardware and performance
> specs, not what I need.
> Any help would be appreciated
> regards
> Geoffrey Press

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