SUMMARY: syslog messages redirection

From: Ravi Malghan (
Date: Fri Oct 20 2000 - 17:00:21 CDT

Thanks to all who replied to my question.
On the client syslog machine I will have
*.err,*.crit,*.alert,*.emerg /var/adm/messages
*.err,*.crit,*.alert,*.emerg @nvc1

and on the server syslog machine (nvc1)
*.err,*.crit,*.alert,*.emerg /var/adm/messages

which means all messages err and higher will be logged both into the
local /var/adm/messages and also into the server machine's
/var/adm/messages file.
In addition the syslog on the server machine (nvc1) should be started
with the -r option so that it can receive remote log entries


My original question:
Hello: I have a bunch of Sun machines. I want the syslog messages of all

the machines to be logged into one machine. The man pages says using the

@IP address as the action. But it does not say into which file on the
@IP Address machine should it go to. Can somebody provide me some help.

For example
local7.debug @nvc1


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