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Date: Wed Oct 18 2000 - 08:22:32 CDT


I got so many replies and that too so fast that i feel
"i should have worked more before puuting up the question"
-- that's a tip for the future.

Anyway the solutions offered were:
1) To use /etc/issue , and put the complete test in it,

2) To put the text in a file say test
    and to display it using
    BANNER="`cat test` \n\n"

Both work wonderfully,

Warm regards to all the gurus who replied


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> From: Admin, Wipro (CAP, GECSI)
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> Subject: Telnet banner
> Hi Gurus,
> I want to display a message for telnet connections to my system.
> I know that i can use /etc/default/telnetd to display such a benner using
> BANNER="text to be displayed"
> My problem is that the text i want to display is around 8 lines long...
> but i am able to include only 3 lines in the banner. If i use even a
> single word more than 3 lines no text is displayed at all ie., the system
> displays the default which is
> "
> SunOS 5.7
> login:"
> I want my text to appear before the login prompt.
> I want to know if there is any limitaion on the size of text that can be
> displayed in this manner.
> Also can i make the text to "blink"
> Also, can i do the same with ftp connections.
> Shailesh Singh

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