SUMMARY: setting up a sun as nis client

From: SSridhar (
Date: Tue Oct 17 2000 - 10:02:49 CDT

thanks to the following:

Albert White - SUN Ireland Ireland Albert White - SUN
Anthony Worrall Worrall Anthony
Brooke King King Brooke
Bruce R. Zimmer Zimmer Bruce R.
Cathy Smith Smith Cathy
Daniel Polombo Polombo Daniel
Darren Dunham Dunham Darren
David Evans Evans David
David Foster Foster David
G.Saravana Muthu Muthu G.Saravana
Jeff Woolsey Woolsey Jeff
Matthew Stier Stier Matthew
Moti Levy Levy Moti
Sean Quaint Quaint Sean
Stuart, Reggie (GXS, Maxim) Maxim) Stuart, Reggie (GXS,

I did get confused between NIS and NIS+; I am also new to Solaris.
thanks esp to Moti Levy for giving the exact commands for setting up

Setting a solaris nis client
brodcast mode:
1.domainname your-domain
2.domainname > /etc/defaultdomain
4.cp /etc/nsswitch.nis /etc/nsswitch.conf

ypset mode:
1.domainname your-domain
2.domainname > /etc/defaultdomain
3.mkdir /var/yp/binding/your-domain
4.echo "your-nis-server-name" > /var/yp/binding/your-domain/ypservers
5.add the nis server to the clients hosts file
6.ypinit -c - answer the questions .
8.cp /etc/nsswitch.nis /etc/nsswitch.conf

Original Question:

> Hello,
> I would like to setup our E450 as a NIS cleint, the server being a DEC
> Alpha machine. We have only single name for the NIS domain (it has
> nothing to do with the DNS domain that these machines are on). I have
> successfully setup other SGI machines as clients but when I try that on
> E450 (solaris7),
> nisclient -i -h hostname -a IPnumber -d domainname
> it expects the domainname to have atleast two components separated by a
> period. Can I just make one up for this machine only? If not how can I
> force it to take the single name I type.
> thanks
> SS

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