Summary - Solstice backup - restore to a client

From: Koonz, Jay (
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 11:36:55 CDT

> > Runnning Solstice Backup 5.5.1 on Solaris 7. New installation & setup
> > without any manuals yet. Great fun.
> > The backups seem to be running fine, although I haven't quite figured
> > how to get to see the level of backup messages that I'm used to from
> > Omniback. But that's not the question here.
> > I go into "nwrecover", pick some file on a client to restore, start the
> > recovery and the file gets written to the servers filesystem instead of
> > the clients filesystem. How come ??

Everyone seemed to agree that the recovery has to be started from the
client. A couple people mentioned the possibility of a "directed recover"
but it looks like that's NT only.

I received alot of answers real quick, but none of them were what I hoped
for. The operators are used to staying on one server gui and restoring files
from a bunch of different clients to a bunch of other clients using HP's
Omniback. I'm going to tell them about Solstice Backup recoverys late one
Friday, hoping they'll calm down by Monday. 8-)

Thanks Again to:
Michael Allmen - Charles Atkinson - Tony McKenzie - Mark Luntzel -
William Kuderka
Tim Evans - Dona Ashcroft - Gary Litwin - Reggie Stuart -

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