SUMMARY: large IDE Drive on U5

From: Chad Merritt (
Date: Mon Oct 16 2000 - 10:44:17 CDT

Thanks to all those who responded. Special thanks go out to Tom Lojewski
and Hellmar Becker.

What I ended up doing is manually labeling the disk. I got the "User
Sectors Per Drive" from Western Digital (87.930.864) and determined the
number of cylinders with the formula:

((User Sectors) / (Heads*Tracks))-2 = cylinders.

heads and tracker both = 64

Using this I arrived at 21465 and pluged that into format. Format came
back with
   2 backup wu 0 - 21464 41.92GB (21465/0/0) 87920640

then I just ran through the normal partitioning routine.

Everything appears to work fine. No problems writing/reading data. I
didn't do any prom upgrades or patches.

Thanks again for everyones responses.

Chad Merritt

Original Problem:
> I just put a 45Gig EIDE drive on my U5 and format is coming up with only
> 10.3Gig total. Did I miss something? The machine is running Solaris
> 2.8. I was under the impression that the machine/os would be able to
> handle anything. I know that I've talked to someone that had a 34gig on
> their's. Any suggestions as to a cause/fix would be great.

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