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From: Shalabh Sharma (OCS-AHD-AVS) (
Date: Sun Oct 15 2000 - 02:30:50 CDT

Hello ,

Thanks to all who responded specially , Ken , Paul and Luc Temmerman .
Original Problem is written at the end . Solutions suggested are attached


Ken Zachmann []

Hi Shalabh,

It is possbile to do subdisks moves through vmsa, but I prefer the command
line. The general command would be:

vxassist -g <diskgroup> move <volume_name> \!<spare_name> <new_disk_name>

e.g. if your setup were this:

volume: vol1
diskgroup: mydg
name of spare: mydgspare
name of new disk: mydg02

then this would move any subdisks belonging to vol1 from mydgspare to

vxassist -g mydg move vol1 \!mydgspare mydg02

you could then repeat this command for each volume that was
relocated. when you are done, they'll all be back on the new disk, leaving
your space the way it is.

what version of vm are you using? one of the 3.x versions comes with a
command to put stuff back the way it was (i believe).



Paul Hedgepeth []

since your volumes are redundant (ie: raid 0+1), this is an easy

1) vxevac [-g <disk group>] <source diskname> <destination
    ie: vxevac -g datadg spare01 disk02

2) with the vxva gui (vm 2.6 and below), you can "drag and drop"
the sub-disks from one disk to another. i would guess that the
vmsa gui (vm 2.6 and above) would also offer the same feature.



Temmerman Luc []

you should be able to use the 'evacute disk' operation.

Don't have access right now to a system , but the command should be

Luc Temmerman

Problem Description :-

> Recently one of the harddisk in a diskgroup failed . It had 3
> subdisks , put
> in 3 different plexes in 3 different volumes . All volumes are
> in RAID 0+ 1
> . We had on harddisk configured as spare and as soon as the
> disk failed ,
> spare harddisk automatically created 3 subdisks and they went
> into
> corresponding plexes and volumes which were occupied by faulty
> harddisk .
> Problem :- I ordered for a harddisk and replaced the faulty
> one ( vxdiskadm
> -- remove harddisk for replacement -- shutdown the system --
> Put good
> harddisk -- vxdiskadm -- replace failed harddisk ) . Now I see
> new harddisk
> with "good" status in vxva . But problem is the data of 3
> volumes is still
> placed in spare harddisk . The new harddisk ( replaced ) does
> not show any
> subdisk ( except for private region with previous details ) .
> How can I move
> the data from subdisks in spare harddisk back to the replaced
> harddisk
> without breaking the volume & restoring from backup media ? I
> know the size
> of each subdisk prior to failure . Finally , I should have :-
> 1. New disk with exactly same subdisk as in previous harddisk
> with all data
> on them ( inrespective plex/volume) .
> 2. Spare harddisk without any subdisk ( as previously )
> without any
> association to any plex / volume
> Thanks in advance,
> * Shalabh Sharma
> > Email:-

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