SUMMARY: Netra T1 105

From: Sue Thielen (
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 15:11:45 CDT

Well.. It finally works! Thanks to all that sent me
a reply. I eventually had to call Sun in on this..

You need to setup a terminal program other than
Hyperterm. It doesn't send the proper break
sequences. I used Tera Term. 8N1 no flow control.
As for the cabling. I used the sun supplied
RJ 45 with the RJ45/db25 adapter also supplied
by sun. I got a gender bender, then a 25 to 9 pin
adapter and set that up on my COM2. And it does

It seems that this RJ45/db25 adapter is not exactly
a Null Modem.. I think I may still experiment with
that, when I get a chance. Thanks to Bill for the
pinout diagrams.. I have a funny feeling we may just
need that stuff in the future.

Thanks all

Original Post

I just got one of these babies... and I can't seem to get
a terminal session up on it. I am trying to use Hyperterm
on my PC to connect to it with the 9600 baud, 8N1 and No
Flow control...

The instructions in the manual are only for either using
a Sun, a terminal server, a modem or a dumb terminal.. which
is what hyperterm is emulating anyway. I've used the cables
that are supplied...

Has anyone out there done this??? Am I missing something
basic? I've tried it with and without a null modem cable,
and I get the same result..

Thanks in advance.

Susan KJ Thielen ePeople
Unix Systems Administrator 450 National Avenue
Ph: 650 694-6475 Mountain View, CA
Fx: 650 694-6401 94043-2388

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