SUMMARY rack mounting E4000

From: Deborah Crocker (
Date: Fri Oct 13 2000 - 15:06:07 CDT

What a list - we're back in business.

The word "swing" as found in the the documentation is not the operative
word here. "Slide" is better. The panels also fit in rather stiffly. The final
comment can from someone who said "don't use my name" but he was right.
A hammer came in useful. We got a block of wood and used it against the
front edge of the side panel to tap it back about 3/4 inch. Then it lifted
away easily, bottom first. The top was also a toughy. A couple of flathead
screwdrivers slipped in from the sides lifted the tabs up so that we could
tap it backwards to slide it out (again with the wood and the hammer). And
it really was just a tapping. Not enough to disturb anything...

Thanks, folks.

The question was:
> We're stuck in the middle of a rack-mounting job of an E4000. How do we
> get the side panels off the thing?
> The manual says "swing each side panel back aproximately 3/4 in" then pull
> bottom of panel away from side. Well, we can't get the panels to swing
> anywhere. We've pried a bit with flat-head screwdrivers but we're trying
> to avoid marring the cabinet. Are we being too timid? What's the trick.

For those who want more detail:


we just did this to a pair of uncooperative 4500's. all i can say is that
when you push back on the sides, push with all your might. the sides will
slide back about an .75" before you can left up at an angle from the
bottom. i had one person hold the unit as i pushed onthe sides.

that was the easy part.

then you have to take the top and bottom flat covering off. you have to
lift up at the edges where the square openings are and slide. did it with
my thumbs, and that may not have been the best idea...


You don't swing the side panel 3/4". Instead you slide the side panel towards
the front of the box, maybe the rear, then lift from the bottom.

I've noticed that, in some cases, the side panel is very hard to move. The very
tight fit makes it appear to be stuck. You really have to pull but don't swing
it away. You simply want to slide towards the front of the unit.

 use a hammer and hammer the side panels approx 2-3 (note: more like 3/4 inch)
 inches to the rear and they will come off

>From for cheerleading (square peg in round hole indeed).

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