SUMMARY: shutdown init state 5 question

Date: Thu Oct 12 2000 - 10:30:56 CDT

my question was, briefly, under Solaris 7, what does the shutdown
command actually do when init state 5 is specified:
        shutdown -i 5 -y -g 0

it halts the machine and prepares it to be powered off. my thanks to
bill faye for verifying this for me.

the full text of the question is at the end of this message.

my problem was 4 E4500's who were not able to boot from disk after
being powered off over a weekend for a scheduled power outage. all
reported the same message of "can't open boot device". after
reconstructing the events of the shutdown and powering up, and talking
with Sun, the most likely cause of this problem was the disks were not
fully spun up when the computer hit them. apparently if communication
with the disk array controller ever gets scrambled in some way during
boot up, the only solution is to power off both the array and the
E4500 and start over.

each E4500 and it's A1000 disk array with various other pieces of
equipment are part of a chassis that constitutes a piece of test
equipment in one of our labs. there are several ways to power on/off
the chassis in addition to manually powering on/off the E4500. being
lab test equipment, these machines are managed by engineers with
little to no admin experience, and there were many cooks involved in
the facilities shutdown. there is no way to tell how these machines
were powered up.

all the machines booted normally once they were powered off and
brought up correctly.

my thanks to the following people who responded:

Charles M. Atkinson <>
Tim Conrad <>
Bill Fay <>
Marco Greene <>
Todd Herr <>
Ronald Loftin <>
Mr Rene Occelli <>
Hans Schaechl <>
Forbes, Stephen <>
Joe Thykattil <>
Edwin Vazquez <>
Wilkinson, Daniel <>
Brad Young <>

original question:

> i have 4 E4500's running Solaris 7 which will not boot after a shutdown
> for a power outage. they were shutdown with the following command:
> shutdown -i5 -y -g0
> and then powered off. the init 5 run level does the following:
> from the man pages:
> state 5 Shut the machine down so that it is safe to remove the
> power. Have the machine remove power, if possible. The
> rc0 procedure is called to perform this task
> from the Solaris 1.x to Solaris 2.x Transition Guide on run level 5:
> rc5 Software reboot, prompts for a boot device other than the
> EEPROM default.
> they are doing this very well. they won't reboot from disk. last night
> i tried the "boot disk" command from the OK prompt and got back that it
> can't open the disk. is there a way to get to the normal boot
> procedures? the only thing i found so far in searching sun's
> documentation involves re-loading/upgrading the OS.


cathy smith

Cathy L. Smith
Motorola			E-Mail:
5555 North Beach Street		Phone:	 (817) 245-7019
Fort Worth, TX  76137-2794	Plant/MS: TX14 / 4H

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