SUMMARY: CDE display to windows exceed

From: Andrew Diederich (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 17:23:16 CDT

The quick solution was to not do it the way I wanted to, and use XDM
It looks like broadcast will work best on my domain.

>From Reggie Stuart:

If CDE is running on the Solaris machine (already running dtlogin), you just
need to fire up Xconfig. Click on "communications", and set the mode to
XDMCP-query or XDMCP-broadcast. If you select query, click on "configure"
and type in the hostname you want to attach. If you select broadcast, when
you actually start the Exceed x-server, it will generate a list of all the
servers available running X so you can login. Once that's done, starting up
the red X should take you to a screen that looks like you are at the
machines console, failsafe login and all.

Other correct responders:
Nabeel Ahmed
Richard Felkins
Marcelino Mata
Bill Fay

Meenakshisundaram Paramasivam (Sundar) had helpful info on how to run
olwm. (Below)
If you are on a Sun machine, type: olwm & (or /usr/openwin/bin/olwm &)
If you are on a HP machine, type: mwm & (or /usr/bin/X11/mwm &)
If you are on a SGI machine, type: 4Dwm & (or /usr/bin/X11/4Dwm &)

I still would like to find out what the window manager for CDE is, but
the XDM thing works pretty well.

Original message:
I'm looking to do something similar to Nabeel, but want to run CDE so it'll
display on my NT exceed server. I'm not sure what the window manager is on
Solaris 8 (or any Solaris) is, though. On linux I do something like
"/usr/X11R6/bin/fvwm2 -display" with rsh and the exceed
Xstart tool. What is the window manager (or what I need to execute) on the
Solaris 8 workstation to do the same thing?

Andrew Diederich

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