SUMMARY: ultra 60 crashesh frequently

From: shirish jani (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 12:06:09 CDT

Dear Managers,

Thanks to

Gary Mulder <>
Douglas Lee <>
Buddy Lumpkin <>
bhaskar G" <>
Kulp, Scott (Scott)** CTR **" <>
Todd Herr <>
Tim Carlson <>
Chandrasekhar Kalle <>
For theire reply.

Eventually the machine in question stopped booting at all.It doesnt even
give me any display now.I did try to reseat the memory and thats the only
thing I could do.(I must tell you that I did user the anti static wristband
and NO machine was not powered on when I reseated the memory)
SO I will end up replacing the motherboard.

Gary suggested ,
It seems that there is a Sun internal Field Service bulletin out about
revisions of a "VRM Interposer board" (Sun spares P/N 375-0094) which I
believe regulates the power supplied to the CPUs. Under high CPU load
conditions a fault in this board may cause the system to panic or hang with
little or no diagnostic information.

The FSB says that the revision of this board that have a manufacturing
sticker indicating that the problem is fixed should solve the problem, but
both of these E220 systems that were crashing regularly had boards with
these stickers.

In both E220Rs we ended up replacing the interposer board with a later
revision, the motherboard and both 450MHz CPUs. The systems have been stable

Buddy suggested,
reseat your memory. I had a similary problem last week. If that doesn't
help, remove half of the ram, and try the other half if that doesn't rule it

Bhaskar suggested to replace the cpu

Scott wrote:
use psradmin to turn off cpu 2 and see if the problem goes away. We have
found not only a cpu may go bad but also a cpu that wilol run by itstlf but
not play with other cpus. its a matter of elimination.
Which also I had done before floating the question without any success.

Todd Herr had a very good point
AFSR/AFAR indicates a memory error. I used to know how to map these
to the faulty DIMM, but I no longer have that information available.

At any rate, you've got to replace one of your DIMMs.

Tim Carlson adviced me to search the archives, which I already had
done.incidently I work internal to SUN,still thought that outside community
is as good as SUN internal, if not better.
he wrote,
> > > Fast Data Access MMU Miss

Searching on that word phrase will give you the answer. The answer is that
it is most likely bad RAM, although it could also be a CPU starting to

Chandrasekhar had a valid point when he wrote,

Get the motherboard replaced. This is not a CPU
problem- the problem is most likely with your System Bus.

Thanks everyone.
Shirish Jani.

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