SUMMARY:A1000 battery replacement

From: Kulp, Scott (Scott)** CTR ** (
Date: Wed Oct 11 2000 - 09:51:23 CDT

It looks as if the official Sun oppinion is confirmed that the hot swap is
not supported and you do it at you own risk. It is one thing for something
to work. It is another to actually say it is gonna work then have to defend
against a law suit when it blows up. I kinda figured this was the case but
the advertising tends to imply "no problem" . I thank both for their
responses and do wish to say that both SSE's from Sun I talked to are good
techs and have been very helpful.

I saw a guy swallow a light bulb once but don't think GE supports that

Bret Hester wrote:


Sounds like you need to find somone in Sun that knows
what they are talking about.

We have replaced batterys on multiple A1000 that have been
in production systems, It is designed to be hot swapable.

As long as there is not a power outage whilst the battery is
out you are safe.



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> > I have been told by a sun sse that the battery on an A1000 is not
> > replaceable live,online.
> >
> > Have you all done it and was is with out incident.
> >
> > We have a red light already so the cacheing has been turned off.
> >
> > It seems like an real gooffy thing to take down a system to replace a
> > battery that is designed to slide out the back.
> Okay, here's the deal. In every proper, safe, legal, supportable way,
> the Sun SSE is correct. The battery is not replaceable live or online.
> A1000 power must be turned off to replace the battery. This is clearly
> stated in the product documentation you received with your A1000.
> The A1000 battery was not designed to be a hot-swappable FRU (field
> replaceable unit). Therefore there is no guarantee that it has every
> safety feature the certifying agencies such as UL would require of a
> hot-swappable battery. And the battery has certainly not been certified
> by the appropriate agencies as safe to hot swap. Hypothetically
> speaking, even if we were to know of no reason to prevent you in
> practice from hot-swapping a battery, we couldn't encourage you to try
> a process that wasn't agency certified.
> Hope this clarifies the situation.
> -Brian

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