SUMMARY: Accounting on Solaris 2.7

From: Roy Ramberg (
Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 02:17:58 CDT


Only got 3 responses, but managed to find my own solution,
which was very simple. I created a disk called /var/adm
mounted it in /etc/vfstab, copied the "old" /var/adm
stuff over with: cd /var/adm
tar cvfp - * | (cd new_var_adm; tar xvfp -)

Then I rebooted and I was on the air.
The main problem I had is that /var/adm CANNOT be
a link.

Thanks for help.


I am trying to set up accounting on a Sun server 450
with Solaris 2.7.

This system wiull put everything (or most) under
/var/adm and /var/adm/acct

How can I change this location so that all accounting
files and logs are located in another place (another
I would like to try an avoid having to relink every

I have tried to relink /var/adm to another disk but
then the system compaints about not being able to write
to utmpx etc etc. Do you have any advice here?

Is there any problems with moving the accounting
files/dirs to another location?


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