SUMMARY : Process duration

From: Hisham Al Saad (
Date: Tue Oct 10 2000 - 02:14:08 CDT

Thanks to all who replied real fast :

They all suggested to use the 'time' command in front of the command I wish
to time
In my example I may use :

time nohup ./uploaddq dqsall badall.out 1>>all.log 2>>all.err &

When the command has finished, it will show the "real" time it took and
also the user and system cpu times consumed.

        real 0m0.695s
        user 0m0.010s
        sys 0m0.020s

My original post :
> I have a shell script that updates some Oracle server database running on
> Solaris 2.6. Is there a way to figure out how long this process took , the
> start and end time without modifying the script itself. I thought of some
> is to add 'date > logfile' before and after the process.
> For example (
> -------------
> date > upload-start.log
> nohup ./uploaddq dqsall badall.out 1>>all.log 2>>all.err &
> date > upload-end.log
> ------------
> Is there any other way to get this information from the system itself
> adding these 'date' lines?


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