SUMMARY: root account

From: Ivo Ramos (
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 08:07:17 CDT

Thank you all for your valuable answers…

And the winner is sudo ! 28 out of 43 answers say this utility might
resolve most of my problems. However Joe Fletcher did make the point:
freeware and the like are forbidden (so far) in this Enterprise. We are
trying to overcome this new problem…

A few other products were also mentioned: Power Broker, PitBull, Virtual
Vault (HP), Axent, etc. I still have to check them.

As for other UID=0 do forget this option! If at all necessary, call your
attorney ! ( has the proper approach…;-)) tks…

Solaris 8 and RBAC (role based access control) will probably be the answer
if implemented as described in the Trusted Solaris documentation. However we
are still on Solaris 6 due to a restriction imposed by IAS or CASP (I'm not
sure which one...; have to check with Sun).


>Customer: very large financial institution
> first time Solaris users
> special Web server
>Platform: E10K Solaris 6 & 7
>Environment: “hostile” IBM mainframe & NT networking
>Objective: throw the root password in a safe and still proceed
> with every administrative functions…
>who am I: third party (outsource) consultant
>In the last 90 days it seems I’ve exhausted all alternatives and arguments
>to comply with my customer’s objective…
>Since they used mainframe for the past decades the root power found in
>every Unix system is unacceptable to them reason why I’ve tried all >my
>knowledge to reduce this power. What would you suggest?
>Somebody “invented” a very weird possibility: create two or three
>accounts, with the same UID=0 (security now is doubled or tripled….). What
>are your comments on this?
>I’ve also considered using the Tru$ted Solaris, which I know nothing about…
>If any of you has experience with this product, do you believe it would
>satisfy my customer?
>Tks for your attention..
>Ivo Ramos
>Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

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