SUMMARY: Star Office

From: dannyc (
Date: Mon Oct 09 2000 - 03:52:55 CDT

Dear all

  many thanks for the feedback from:
  Logan Stout, Ric Anderson, Mark Drummond, Kyle Maxwell,
  Kevin Buterbaugh, David Foster, Reggie Stuart, David Mitchell
  Scott Yelich, Joe Fletcher, Pierre Demuynck, Bernt Christandl
  I had some feedback commenting that I'd been vague about the
  hardware we were running it on - true - of course - although this
  was a general observation and I was looking for general comment.
  There was a comment that video-performance improved a lot between
  Solaris 2.6 and 7 - this is interesting. I haven't yet used
  Solaris 7 for StarOffice so I will do. More memory helps I'm told
  too as it's a monolithic program. The StarPortal software
  should help to this. Version 6.0 should be better and will tightly
  bind in with GNOME.
  I'm told that an Ultra5, Solaris 8 and 384 MB RAM has made a
  very acceptable workstation and that running over the network
  doesn't work so well (certainly matches my observation).
  I look forward (very much) to this product becoming better; if I
  could happily recommend it to our customers against MSOffice, then I
  could shoe-horn PCs out of the way quite often.

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