SUMMARY: Using Solaris 2.6 with a new Ultra 5

From: Matthew Atkinson (
Date: Fri Oct 06 2000 - 06:53:11 CDT

Dear All,

Thanks very much for the replies to my question about whether I could
patch a Solaris 2.6 first release CD image to make it upto HW 5/98
level, so I could use it on my intended U5 purchase.

The overwhelming and quite definite response was no. No amount of
patching will bring one version of the OS upto another HW release. So,
I need to purchase 2.6 HW 5/98 with my U5. Fortunately, it is still
available (, and it's only 57, so no big cost

A number of people suggested that I try my application with a newer
version of Solaris, but unfortunately this is not possible, as the
application has to run on s certified platform, and so far they are
only up to Solaris 2.6 with certification.

Thanks to the following for their help:-

Mark Neill, Suresh Rajagopalan, Brooke King, Annie Austin, Doug Lee,
Mike Salehi, John Leadeham, Matthew Lee Stier, Imre Kolos and
Melvin Vaughan.


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