SUMMARY: (initial) DAT soft error reporting failed

From: Stuart Little (
Date: Thu Oct 05 2000 - 17:40:23 CDT

I asked:-
>> I have an old server S1000, Sol 2.4, Solstice Backup 4.2.6b that has
>> suddenly decided to 'freeze' during backups.
>> 'nwadmin' reports that the system is writing to the Dat drives, but
>> the drives are inactive.
>> The only thing I could find was that a few days ago the server logged
>> "DAT soft error reporting failed" for each of the DAT drives, then
>> went to sync all filesystems and reboot :-(
>> Seems strange that all drives would have an identical
>> problem simultaneously.

Only one reply, asking why I was using such a crusty old OS...thanks
Brett but we have some crusty old applications out there that require
this server to be kept as is.. :-)

As far as I can tell this came down to a client being locked up.
Client backup sware was being mounted from the backup server...having
stopped/restarted networker on a particular client all seems well.
Client is 2.6 by the way, not quite as crusty :-)
And ahead of yours Brett :-)

So, only outstanding question is why did all the DAT drives report
the error and then crash the server..but I can wait for an answer from
Sun for that.


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