SUMMARY: problem on rlogin

From: Feng Qiu (
Date: Wed Oct 04 2000 - 06:52:02 CDT

Hello, all,
Thanks to:

       "Manish Oberai (EHPT)" <>

       David Foster <>

       Thomas Vincent - 409-974-3678 <>

Manish Oberai give the solution:

   I faced the same problem . The problem is with the permissons of
"rlogin" command . The permissions should be

           -r-sr-xr-x root bin

   which is the setuid permissions for the user.

This make me wondered: is this permission set wrong originally by
solaris2.6 (I have 3 Sparc with solaris2.6 has same problem) or someone
hacked in, and changed it?

Thanks to this wonderful list!
Feng Qiu

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Subject: problem on rlogin

Hello, all,
I have a few sun stations, they are on hosts.equiv each other. When I do

rlogin from normal user, it said:
rcmd: socket: Permission denied

I don't think I have this problem before. Looks like I have this problem

on solaris2.6, not solaris7.

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