SUMMARY: Lost man pages

From: Bob White (
Date: Tue Oct 03 2000 - 14:52:59 CDT

Than and a tip of the hat go to Sue Thielen and Reggie Stuart. Merging
there messages
together I came up with:

pkginfo | grep man // which showed only a couple of man page sections were
/cdrom/cdrom0/s0/Solaris_2.7/Product // which contains most packages
pkginfo *man* // which list which packages contain manuals
Then use pkgadd to install the ones needed. Most man pages were in SUNWman.
I can now
'man man' again.

I still have no idea what happened to the files, as I was able to 'man man'
last week. Ahh, the mysteries of computing.

Thanks to all who responded so quickly.

Bob White
Office - (702) 295-2939
Fax - (702) 295-2934

Original problem follows:
> Hello all:
> Somehow or other I seem to have lost my man pages. The standard ones that
> is. I can't do a 'man man' or a 'man ls', etc. I installed several gnu
> packages, did the catman -w, and I can do 'man gcc' and get something. I
> did a search for tar.*, and found only the executable. How can I get the
> standard man pages back?

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