Summary drives just power off....

From: Ed Fafard (
Date: Sat Sep 30 2000 - 05:13:34 CDT

Only one suggestion. Still no solution. This is a new install and looks
like we are giving it back beacuse it just dont work...
Original question at the end.

might be a power problem. I know that some drives firmware will
or "shut off" a drive if it doesn't spin up in a certain amount of time.

It might be that you are browning out the drives and they are shutting
because the PS isn't supplying enough juice to keep them going.
You might want to get an inductive ammeter and see if you are drawing
anywhere near the limit of the PS....

Hit the ssa managers with this with no reply thought I would hit Sun
HA Veritas VCS cluster configuration. 2 Sun E4500's with JNI cards 4
 JBODS with 36gig FC drives, 8 drives each connected in a "single

dual loop". All this connected through a pair of gadzooks switches. All

with current
firmware and patched to the latest versions.I
Built with raid 1+0, 2 shelfs striped and then mirrored to the other 2
Problem: all works fine except that every once in a while 3 times in as
many weeks under light to moderate load/or reboot a drive
would power off. I would pull the drive and put it back in and all would

be dandy. 3 different drives 2 in same shelf one in
different shelf. Replaced a shelf (where 2 failed) and a nother drive
died 2 days later in different shelf .

Anyone with any insight to cause or troubleshooting method ? Is it
drives/microcode,switches or shelfs or something else. I would rule out
and think drives/shelfs/jni driver ... Any opionions..

TIA Eddy

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