SUMMARY: Re: Question on applications...

From: Jason Ziemlak (
Date: Fri Sep 29 2000 - 12:18:35 CDT

Welp, It seems like the overwhelming response was to use StarOffice, which
I'd rather not use. All I need is a document viewer, and not all the
extra applications that StarOffice offers. But thanks for the
suggestions... Other responses included catdoc, and wv (wordview)...

There are too many people (some 250+) to list to thank for the
suggestions, but one suggestion stuck out GREATLY and it was from Mike D.
Kail <>... His response is as follows:

"sun's staroffice, but that's a pig. for a quick-and-dirty command-line
utility that does a pretty good job, do a search for 'catdoc' on

another solution is to change jobs ;-) "

Well Mike, i've decided to change jobs.. ;) hahaha.. Thanks for the input
everyone... My original question is as follows:

> Just a quick question, which i'm sure I will be getting a thousand
> responses on, but does anybody know of, or could suggest a utility that
> will allow me to read Microsoft Word Documents on my machine? 90% of
> corporate e-mails are sent with a word document attached, and i haven't
> had any luck finding a utility to view these yet..

-Jason Ziemlak

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