SUMMARY: m64config broke my system!

From: David L. Markowitz (
Date: Thu Sep 28 2000 - 17:06:13 CDT

Figured this one out myself this time. For trying to help, thanks to:

        David Evans <>
        Douglas Lee <>
        Sabrina Downard <>

The original problem:

> I tried to use m64config to change the display settings on an Ultra 5.
> I then rebooted it. During the reboot, the system failed to come up,
> giving the following errors:
> INIT: Cannot create /var/adm/utmp or /var/adm/utmpx
> INIT: Failed write of utmpx entry: " "
> INIT: Failed write of utmpx entry: " "
> INIT: Enter Run Level (0-6, s or S):
> Entering anything here results in the same errors, and looping back to the
> same prompt. I have booted from CD and checked those files. They (and
> the directory /var/adm) look normal. I renamed the existing utmp* files
> and rebooted with the same result.

The solution showed (as some people suggested and as I also had
suspected) that m64config had nothing to do with the problem. It only
showed up then because we attempted a reboot. The problem turned out
to be an incorrectly/incompletely applied kernel patch, #106541.

It just goes to show how important training is. I should never rely on
relatively inexperienced MIS guys for kernel patches, especially kernel
patches that hide their "Special Instructions" about 20 pages down at
the bottom of the README.

SunSolve's SRDB ID 20768 article entitled "Jumbo Kernel Patch 106541-##
gives utmp and utmpx errors" details why this happened, and gives
instructions on how to fix it. Not only is my system back up again, I
found that two other systems were also patched incorrectly. I have now
fixed them too, before rebooting. It's much easier to do if you don't
have to boot from cdrom. :-)

        David L. Markowitz Director, UNIX Software Litronic Inc

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