SUMMARY: "clock skew detected"

From: Jeff Miller (
Date: Thu Sep 28 2000 - 14:59:16 CDT

Most people suggested using ntp (

Others suggested changing the time that rdate is run
to suit the people using 'make'. Or to increase the
frequency of the rdates.

In another response, the version of 'make' was suggested
as the "problem". Newer versions of GNU make may have smaller

Thanks to all who responded.

Original question:

> SA's:
> Background:
> (*) Newly setup E3500
> (*) Solaris 2.6 (5/98)
> (*) All recommended patches (as of early September).
> (*) 4 400MHz/8Mb cpus
> (*) Flashed prom to level OBP 3.2.27 2000/08/18 11:15
> (*) Using rdate to sync w/ local timehost.
> (*) timehost being set via NIS+
> (*) using cron and rdate to sync dates from 1 local timehost.
> The Problem:
> I have a user who is running 'make' from his (Ultra-5 / Solaris 2.6)
> desktop against a file which exists on the E3500 server. They continue to
> get the following error:
> make: *** Warning: File `<path_to_file_on_server_above' has modification time
in the future
> make: *** Warning: Clock skew detected. Your build may be incomplete.
> If I run rdate manually, it fixes the problem temporarily. Normally, root's
cron executes
> rdate at 2:00am daily. I verified that root's cron /is/ running on the server
and desktop.
> Today, the user had the same error by 9:00am. Both desktop and server are
syncing against
> the same timehost.
> What can I do to get the dates to be closer?

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