[SUMMARY] Allowing ONLY su to a user account

From: Jason Wood (borris_8@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 17:09:54 CDT

Thanks to Hendrik Visage, Cecil Whitaker, Rob Staab & David Evans.

There were a couple of suggestions to use sudo and allow "su - bv".
Change the login shell to something non-valid, but NOT /bin/false.

Cecil also had this script:
# Make sure that special ids (i.e., ids where passwords are known by
# more than one person) can only be accessed by switching user.
if [ "`who am i`" ]
        set `who am i`
        export LOGINID
        readonly LOGINID
        if [ -f /etc/suid.lst ]
                for i in `cat /etc/suid.lst`
                if [ "${LOGINID}" = "${i}" ]
                        echo " "
                        echo "You cannot log in directly with this id."
                        echo "You must log in as yourself and"
                        echo " switch user."
                        echo " "
                        exit 0
                unset i

Well, since this is the end of the day I'll give these a try tomorrow.

Jason :)

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