[SUMMARY] Re: [x-geeks] Veritas Cluster Server

From: Changa Anderson (canderson@sitesmith.com)
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 15:54:37 CDT

Thanks to:
Marco Green
Mark Sherman
Seth Rothenberg
Darren Dunham
Okan Demirmen
Madhu Tumma
myself for R'ing TFM ;}

It seems that you can, in fact, do local NIC failover with Veritas Cluster
Server (i.e., fail over a faulty NIC's IP on hostA to a good NIC on the same
system). The IPMultiNIC and MultiNICA Agent are what you want to use.
IPMultiNIC tests to see if a virtual IP address is configured on the
MultiNICA and is the parent of MultiNICA. MultiNICA checks for activity on
a configured interface. If no activity is detected, it uses ping. If a
failure is detected, it migrates the configured IP addresses to the next NIC
resource. Sample configurations would look like this:

IPMultiNIC myip(
    Address = "" <-- not sure if this is needed
    MultiNICResName = mnic

MultiNICA mnic(
    Device@sysa = {le0="",qfe3=""}
    Device@sysb = {le0="",qfe3=""}

This needs the eeprom setting "local-mac-address" set to true, in order to
work. Sun Trunking is still an option. In addition to NIC redundancy, it
adds traffic-pattern schemes (i.e., load balancing NICs) and aggregate
bandwidth (the sum of all of the NICs bandwidth) just as long as we have a
trunking-capable switch that they all connect to.


Changa Anderson wrote:

> All,
> I've got a question from a customer about Veritas Cluster Server.
> It's been a while since I've played with it, I don't have a test box to
> try this on, and I haven't looked through any VCS documentation, yet.
> Is it possible to do NIC failover locally? I.E., if a qfe card goes bad
> on a member of the cluster, can you configure VCS to fail over the IP's
> to another qfe card on the same cluster member? I'd rather they use Sun
> Trunking (since that is one of it's main uses) instead of VCS (if it's
> even possible). Thanx in advance and I will summarize.

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