SUMMARY: Can't mount CDROM

From: Kruse, Anthony (A.M.) (
Date: Wed Sep 27 2000 - 07:43:50 CDT

As all suggested I must specify the -o ro option to the mount command.
However, I also
had to specify the -F hsfs option. Coming from an HP-UX environment where
we did not
have to specify this (HPs mount seemed to know that CDs were read only) I
was assuming
this was also the case for the SUN.

I had one gentleman point out to me that this is a list for critical
problems only and that such
a question as this should be submitted to Usenet. Too bad, the HP-Admin
list I belonged to
for 10 years welcomed all questions, it was a learning forum for all
capability levels. Thanks
Oscar, now I feel welcome.

Original Question:
I am attempting to mout a CD on an Ultra 60 and keep getting the error

mount: /dev/dsk/c1t6d0s0 write-protected

What do I need to do?

Tony Kruse
Systems Integrator
(313)795-8016 Pager
(313)317-4531 Fax

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