SUMMARY: low-powered machine

From: Christopher Stuart (
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 12:50:54 CDT

Well, it turned out that my question about finding a "low-powered DC
intel-based machine" elicited a common response of "you mean a laptop?"
Yeah, I guess I did from the posted question. We've since drastically
changed and refined what we need and we're going with an Ultra AXe 300 card,
but I thought I'd summarize the laptop responses I got:

A few people suggested a website at

And another interseting thing to look at is:

" This is a
compactFlash board (essentially a carriage) to connect to the IDE
controller. You can boot from a SanDisk CompactFlash just like a hard drive.
That would help save you some power."

Thanks very much to all who responded.

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