SUMMARY: ACL documentation or tutorials

From: Geoff Lane (
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 04:39:22 CDT

> After years of pursuasion I've managed to get people to start to use ACLs to
> control access to resources on Solaris.
> The trouble is they now ask questions about ACLs for which I have no
> answers. The only user level tutorial I've come across is
> So I'm looking for additional user-level information I can get for our
> users. The manual pages are not sufficient and the error messages returned
> from setfacl are so cryptic that they may as well not be produced at all.
> Thanks,
> summary will follow.

Thanks to Martin Backe, Jen Hamilton, Karl Vogel, Justin Clift

The immediate problem the user was having was solved by applying the general
rule - when setting ACL defaults on directories you MUST specify everything.
This can and does result in an insanely complex setfacl command.

Documentation and tutorials

There's also the SUN answerbook docs
        (search on "setfacl" and select "System Administration Guide, Volume 2")


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