[SUMMARY]:Replace Ultra1 with IDE Ultra5

From: Emad Ragy Anwar (emanwar@aucegypt.edu)
Date: Tue Sep 26 2000 - 01:19:16 CDT

Thanks to all who replied to my Mail
Thanks should go to

Matthew R. Briggs
Greg Onufer
Leonid S. Knyshov
Sullivan, John
Robert Alexander
Stout, Logan
Joshua Gould
Mark Drummond
Mark C Olson

What I conculded from the replies I got, is that it is not a good idea
to put a server on an IDE machine since the scsi is much more faster and
handels I/O much more better than IDE.
But there will be no decrease in the performace when I add my HD pack to
the Ultra 5(IDE machine) with the condition that I use a SCSI disk for
the root FS and swap space,and ignore the IDE controller altogether
,except for the CDROM which will not affect the performance. In
addetion to this Ultra 5 should be faster than an Ultra 1, especially if
the SCSI controller and disk pack are wide/ultra and the Ultra 1 is as a
non-wide (not an 'E' suffix

My Original message was:

 We have an Ultra 1 machine working as our NIS+ server. It holds also
our home directories which is auto mounted to other SUN boxes working as

NIS+ clients to that Server. All services on our Ultra machine are
stopped. It is used only as an authentication machine for the NIS+
clients and holds the home directories.

We want to replace that machine with another Ultra5 machine ( IDE with
SCSI interface to plug our SCSI HD's pack to it) we are wondering what
would be the performance of the new machine? Is there going to be a
decrease with the I/O speed since the new machine is IDE technology ?
I am not good with the SUN Hardware so I would be so grateful if anybody

share his experience with me.

Thanks so much
My Best Regards to you all


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