SUMMARY: JumpStart Pkgadd's with Non-Standard User/Group Id's

From: Tim Evans (
Date: Mon Sep 25 2000 - 13:43:54 CDT

Last week I asked (in part):

>So far, so good. However, when the actual package's files are
>and 'pkgadd' attempts to change their ownerships per the 'pkgmap'
>specifications, the chown's/chgrp's fail with streams of "no such user"
>error messages, followed by an "install partially failed" message.

I've had replies (thanks, all) from:

Michael Hill []
The Wizard []
Brooke King []
Matthew Stier []

Brooke made the should-have-been-obvious suggestion of simply adding the
necessary userid and groupid to the miniroot's passwd, group, and shadow
files. JumpStart, of course, uses an on-disk copy of the Solaris CD-ROM, so
editing these files is like editing any other file; they're under the
Tools/Boot hirarchy.

And, in fact, this does resolve the problem I'd described, though it may not
be an officially supported solution...

As to a "self-deleting" RC script, Matthew noted:

"I create S98install.? files (where the question represents a letter.) These
files will rename themselves (prefix the filename with a period to hide
and then find and run scripts necessary to install an OS patch cluster,
a number of patches outside the cluster, that I want installed on all
add packages I've created, install software packages."

Matthew also warned about the advisability of doing patch installs and
third-party pkgadds during JumpStart installs--though we may disregard the
warning :-)

"The system is running as a diskless client, and some patches and
packages will behave differently when installed in a diskless client
environment, as compared to a normal system run."

Brooke also suggested using NIS to ensure the needed userid's/groupid's are
available at jumpstart time. We don't use NIS here, so this is not a choice
available to me.

The Wizard suggested using numerical uid's/gid's in the pkgmap file. Since
this seemed the quickest thing to test, I edited the package's prototype
file and rebuilt the package. This, however, generated the same streams of
errors in the install, this time referencing the numerical uid/gid. Worse,
'pkgchk -f' would no longer fix the file ownerships after reboot; it, too,
whined about unknown uid's/gid's, and only a manual 'chown -R' corrected
ownerships. This also speaks to seeger's suggestion of including the 'pkgchk
-f' in a postinstall script; this would also access the mini-root's
/etc/passwd and /etc/group files.

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