SUMMARY: CDE screen resolution changed suddenly + disabling key board suspend/shutdown

From: Scott McCool (
Date: Mon Sep 25 2000 - 08:30:59 CDT

Thanks to Pete Gilbert and David Robillard for their quick replies.

In order to disable the keyboard power switch there are a couple of things
that can be done. The simplest, which I feel rather stupid for overlooking,
is to put the key in the "lock" position. The other thing that can be done
is edit /usr/openwin/lib/ This file defines actions to be
taken for various keypresses, and includes lines like:

SunPowerSwitch - $OPENWINHOME/bin/sys-suspend
SunPowerSwitchShift - $OPENWINHOME/bin/sys-suspend -n

The key can be redefined by changing these lines, though putting the key in
the lock position is a simpler solution in my case.

No one was able to provide guidance on changing the screen resolution.
Since I didn't find a clear answer in the archives either I poked around
usenet archives. The graphics card configuration program, whatever it may
be on your particular system, is actually responsible for setting the
resolution. In my case, the easiest thing to do was log the workstation out
of X, do a command line login, run /usr/sbin/pgxconfig (GFXconfig may be an
alias to your particular program), and set the desired resolution.
Restarting the gui login will set the display to your desired resolution.


Semi-off topic P.S: Regarding the earlier comment that summaries should
exclude the names of those answering the question. I disagree, I think that
people who take the time to help others out deserve recognition unless they
request that their names be left out. It doesn't take much space and it
lets people see who is making a contribution to the list.

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Subject: CDE screen resolution changed suddenly + disabling keyboard suspe

A user was at the terminal and accidentally managed to mash the keyboard
power off button (E450/Sun keyboard with power button in upper right) and
also hit 'enter' to suspend the system.
The system hung for awhile in a "Saving system state" screen and on next
login the resolution of CDE has gotten larger (looks like maybe 800x600
instead of 1024x768).
Two questions arising from this event:
1) How can I change the resolution in CDE back? I found "pgxconfig" which
lets me change the graphics card resolution, but not a cde/x specific
2) How can I disable the keyboard shutdown key so this doesn't happen?

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