SUMMARY: Re: JBOD vs. RAID cabinet

From: Adam and Christine Levin (
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 14:13:12 CDT

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The responses were mostly to go with option 1, since you get better
throughput and more redundancy can be built in if you apportion the disks
correctly within volume manager or disksuite.

Another option is to go with the A3500 but get fibre instead of SCSI,
although someone said that with the kind of access Oracle wants, SCSI
would be better.

Anyway, we've decided to go with the A3500 SCSI, partly because this is an
internal Oracle server, not a mission critical server, and because we want
to see whan an A3500 can do to see if we want to upgrade to that in
production (T3s are a possibility there, as well).


On Tue, 19 Sep 2000, Adam and Christine Levin wrote:

> We're building an internal Oracle server to handle reporting on our web
> site. It's a recycled machine that we've had for a while, an Enterprise
> 4000 with four CPU boards (8x167MHz processors, 5GB memory) plus one I/O
> board with two differential SCSI cards.
> We're trying to decide how to add disks to this thing.
> Option 1) Buy three more I/O boards, six more SCSI cards, and four D1000
> 200GB arrays. Connect each array to two of the eight SCSI busses, giving
> us 8 6 disk busses with 8 times the throughput (theoretically).
> Option 2) Buy an A3500 cabinet with one controller module and 48 disks,
> giving us the same storage with two SCSI busses, but we don't have to add
> anything to the E4000.
> Both options are approximately the same price (option 2 is a few thousand
> more).
> We've got a bunch of system currently running multiple SCSI cards to
> individual D1000s (E450 PCI-based machines), and the performance has been
> OK but not outstanding.
> Any comments or criticisms welcomed.
> -Adam

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