summary: weird: cpg out of range

From: Kun Li (
Date: Wed Sep 20 2000 - 03:40:20 CDT

Hello , everyone.

Thank Reggie and Pierre for advice to do a surface analysis and
some other useful information.

at last we did a lun reconstruction bringing the disk back.

But it's so weird. obvious it was a problem of the LSI's diskraid, but their
engineer didn't admit it. In my previous mail I mentioned we even
repartitioned this disk , rebuilt the filesystem through newfs, but got
the same error. thus eliminated the cause come from the OS.

I think the only cause is for some unobvious reason the LSI's diskraid
lost some configuration information, or their configuration got corrupted.
what puzzled me is why their products are so weak. We used a lot
of LSI's diskraid in our engineering, they always put us into trouble with
some incomprehensible cause. such as not tuning off these devices in
definite order , or a power crash in accident. Here , I certainly understand
what a power crash mean, but what I mean here is that LSI's diskraid is
too sensitive to a power crash, not just data corrupted , their
also lost, or got corrupted.

I wonder how many people are working with LSI's diskraid in sun world,
and how do you feel about it , any comments are welcome.


the original question:

Hi, everyone,

One of my ufs filesystem could't be mounted . When I fsck it,
got following error: " bad super block, cpg out of range " .

Then I used several backup superblock to try to recover the
damaged superblock , the machine get crashed !!!

Even after I newfsed this filesystem, got same result.

This filesystem is located in a LSI Diskraid, about 17GB.
OS: Solaris 7 patch level 106541-11 .
Hardware: E3500

any idea ?

your sincerely

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