Summary: Problems with Default route: Any easy question?

From: Rich DeBrino (Noetix) (
Date: Tue Sep 19 2000 - 22:36:52 CDT

Many thanks for the quick responses today on this problem:

Original question:

                Ok, here's the problem:

                I have a company network that is on two different ip's. and
       Our Sun servers are on the .1 network along
with some of the
                users and the rest of the users are on the .4 network.
There is a gateway
                router at
                Here is the problem: I have to manually do a "route add
      " in order to get the servers "seen" by the
users in the .4
                network. Oh, we are using dns, not nis, nsswitch.conf and
resolv.conf are
                OK, /etc/defaultrouter has "" as the entry.
What am I missing!
                It's driving me crazy!

The answer turned out to be a bad /etc/defaultrouter file, which I deleted
and recreated. Many thanks for the helpful suggestions from Derek
Daugherty, Arthur Dunham, Pete Fritchman, Carlo Musante, Dan Sweet, Stephen
Haigh, Dave Harrington and many others on the list (too numerous to name
here!) I also took the opportunity to check the settings on my other five
Unix boxes and based on some of your suggestions fixed a couple of other
potential errors while I was at it so Thanks Again!

IT Manager
Noetix Corp.

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