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From: Sean Cummins (
Date: Tue Sep 19 2000 - 15:18:36 CDT

Thanks to all who have answered. General consensus says that if you have a
maintenance contract, you can subscribe to the "Patch Club" mailing list, or
Sun's "Early Notifier" mailing list, at

Other people mentioned the patchdiag tool
which checks the current state of your server against Sun's latest patch
database.. My thoughts on this were that if you loaded it on all your
machines and set it to run in cron, emailing the output to a general
sysadmin or root address, you'd always be notified that your machines
did/did not have the latest patch levels.. I think I might do that.

Much thanks to Tim Evans, Derrick Daugherty, Paul Galjan, Bill Fay, and Dave

- Sean

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