SUMMARY: An escaped convict

From: Chad Campbell (
Date: Tue Sep 19 2000 - 08:59:11 CDT

Far be it from me to ignore list tradition, and since I've received a
few requests for summary, and I've made a complete fool of myself
anyway, here is my summary.

I had an incredibly diverse response to this mail, much more so than a
simple "I'm getting MMU failure when I boot from cdrom" can generate.
Given the scenario presented, there is an interesting question which can
be presented. If the prison in question had been using Sun equipment,
would this joke have not occurred, or would have even more prisoners
escaped? I guess it would hinge on whether or not the system
experienced the infamous 400MHZ bug. Hmmmm.... Here is a rough
categorization of the responses:

You're an idiot: 1
Idiot with a sense of humour (gotta love those Brits!): 1
Why did you send this to Sun Managers (teasing/knew it was a mistake): 2
Why did you send this to Sun Managers (serious): 1
That shouldn't be sent to the list/list would become useless: 2
That was inapropriate, but funny: 1
That was inapropriate/offtopic: 1
How did I get on this list, how do I get off it?/remove me: 2
This is a manager's list - keep trash to yourself!: 1
If not sent by mistake - check for a virus: 1
What is this?: 1
That was funny - I'll bet you get flamed (I did): 3
I want a summary/will you summarize (you got it!): 3
That was great, send more! (I will - to your personal address): 2
That was funny/thanks for undulling the list/i hate flamethrowers: 6

Interestingly enough, initially I received all negative responses, but
as time went by a swing occurred and I received mostly positive
responses. I apologize again for going offtopic, and thankyou to all
those who made me feel a little better about my faux pas.


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