SUMMARY: Heat dissipation for Sun equipment

From: Sarandis Papanagnou (
Date: Mon Sep 18 2000 - 04:38:40 CDT

Thank you all for your responses:

Merrell, Vince
Steve Elliott
Shankar Chandramouly
Bob Hendley
Bob Rahe
Matt Reynolds
Jim Taylor
Allan West
Walter Reed
Gary Jarrell

Almost all of the above suggested to ask Sun helpdesk or to use the figures
of relatively similar or greater machines (Jim Taylor). Shankar Chandramouly
and Bob Rahe sent me the formula that converts Power (in Watts) to BTU.
This formula can also be found at Sun Microsystems Data Center Site
Planning Guide (
and is as follows:

3412.97 * kW = BTU/hr

Sarandis Papanagnou

Original question:

> Hello all,
> We are planning a new computer room and we are considering its
> cooling needs but it is impossible to find information regarding
> the heat dissipation of the following Sun equipment:
> - Sun SPARCstation 5
> - Sun Ultra 5
> - Sun Ultra 10
> - Sun Ultra 2
> - Sun DLT7000
> - SPARCcenter 2000
> Do you know any link pointing to this information? nothing seems
> to be stated in the relevant hardware answerbooks.
> Thanks in advance
> Sarandis Papanagnou

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