[SUMMARY] xhost problem

From: Tom Stanley (TomS@RVCOMP.COM)
Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 11:26:43 CDT

Thanks to everyone who responded.

As is often the case in messages I read from others, I left out some
important information. So I won't be critcal of anyone who does this to me
in the future.!

Telnetting to the remote machine and manually opening an X window works
fine. (Guess I should have mentioned that, hunh?) I just found out from the
user that a couple of windows open fine at first on his local workstation.
(Again, sorry.) It's only after the simulation has been running that he gets
the error--the simulation takes about 13 hours.

Believe it or not, the user figured this one out!! Probably because he had
the most information of all of us. His CDE screen lock is coming on and that
causes Xwindows to lock up the frame buffer so nothing can open any windows.
At least we're 99% sure that's what's happening. So we'll either change the
DISPLAY to send output to some system we don't mind leaving unlocked, or
better yet, he's looking into the possibility of a true batch mode in the

So again, thank you for helping me work through this.

    -Tom Stanley

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