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From: Stephen Schumacher (
Date: Thu Sep 14 2000 - 09:07:55 CDT


Thanks for the replies - got 17 including 2 "out of office" auto replies !

Most suggested doing a "grep <filename> /var/sadm/install/contents".
This is valid only if the package has been installed on the system or if
you have access to a system containing the library/package.

Other replies said use pkgchk, again, valid only if the package has already

I was unclear in my request as I had installed a minimum system
( Solaris 7 - core and Xwindow packages) and needed the package(s) that
contained the <filename> library.

Dave Maupin had the complete answer:
> If you have a machine with a full OS install available, grep for what
> you want in /var/sadm/install/contents.
> If you don't have a machine with a full install, then you'll need to
> use the OS install CD. Mount it and from the directory with all the
> packages (i.e.,Solaris_2.7/Product contains all the SUNW.. dirs), you
> can run something like (csh type shell syntax below):
> foreach i (*)
> echo $i
> grep libtypesclr $i/pkgmap
> end

This is what I did and found the needed packages - Thanks !!

Thanks to the following people for taking the time to respond:
Michael Hill, Bertrand HUTIN, Brian Scanlan, Alan Orndorff, Matthew R.
Briggs, Mathew Stier,
Changa Anderson, Joel Lee, Chuck Cox, Christopher L. Barnard, David Staggs,
Oliver Hemming,
Rob Staab, Bryan Blackburn and Dave Maupin


Original Post:
On Aug 31, 2000 13:41, Stephen Schumacher stated:
> Guru's
> How can I find which package contains a specific library? I am looking
> the package that contains the library, although there may
> others I'll need to find and install.
> I'm trying to configure a "minimum" system to run our in house
> application(s).
> Will summarize.
> TIA - Steve

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