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Date: Wed Sep 13 2000 - 15:43:22 CDT

Thanks to all that replied:
Arthur Darren Dunham
Matthew Stier
Gene Beaird
Mark Bergman
Forbes, Stephen
David B. Harrington
Logan Stout
Imre Kolos
..sorry if I missed anyone..

Well there were several suggestions and comments. All were helpful.

A few suggested that it is better to use SDS for mirroring the OS disks due
to the ease of replacing a bad disk. Personally, still prefer to use VM and
it does work very well. Also the customer prefers to use VM. Just that
when I installed SDS, they did not have a license for VM and I am a firm
believer that the OS disk should be mirrored.

Imre pointed out the following SUMMARY. It is a different site than I use
for the archives. I shall update my bookmarks.

Some people suggested that I look at the metaroot man page instead of
editing /etc/vfstab and /etc/system manually.

Thanks for all of the help.


Original post below:
Hello all,
        I have a customer that has SDS 4.2 installed on Solaris 7. It is currently
used to mirror the OS disks. Are there any special requirements to back out
this product? The customer wants to upgrade and use VERTIAS VM.

I am sure this is burried in a manual somewhere but I couln't find it. I
also searched the archives without success.

Here is what I think is required (off the top of my head):
-Backup the system
-Verify backup
-Modify /etc/vfstab to use the original mount points instead of the metadisk
mount points.
-Ensure that the SDS startup scripts are disabled
-remove SDS package from system
-ensure this also cleaned out /etc/system
-Install and license VM
-Encapsulate boot disk
-Mirror boot disk

Any comments or suggestions...or corrections to my way of thinking?

Note: This server is in production but it has a fairly large outage window
during business hours. (NetBackup server)

Thanks and will summarize,
Marco Greene

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